vision & heart

to start: my name is Carol Sousa and I am so in love with Jesus (I think that about sums it up).

it wasn’t always so simple though. sometimes/most of the time satan does this pesky little thing where he gets in the way and makes it way hard for me to understand how a God so powerful and righteous could love me… and not just love, so love.

“for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

and y’all, He sent the one and only Jesus to die the worst imaginable death, for us. if that isn’t the most extreme declaration of love, i’m not sure what is. the best part? God didn’t think “oh i guess i’ll send Jesus cause it’s better for one to die than billions.” no. He would have died if it was just me or just you.

if you don’t read anything else in this entire blog, please let that sit in your heart.

where i am today: 

not gonna lie, it’s still a struggle and i’m still learning.

but the thing that just takes my breath away on the daily, is that every day God reveals his love to me in a different way. He’s like a teacher saying it (i love you) in different ways until I get it, and i would love nothing more than to share.

and i’m the opposite of qualified, extremely unqualified, to write anything about anything; but if I can encourage just one more person in the struggle to understand God’s devoted and abundant love for us, then duh i’m gonna write a blog.

so my vision for this blog is that lives will change and we can grow and learn more and more about God’s love together.

and my heart is that you can encounter God’s relentless love in such special and individual ways every day.

love, sousa




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